Whose a little SMUT?

I am.

I bought this tee around 3 weeks ago and I literally haven’t taken it off since!
I’ve offended 10+ people, been scowled and tutted at. But out weighing that is all the nods of approval and appreciation from other like minded, hilarious people.

Buy yours here





Pay day, treat day.

When I say pay day is treat day, what I actually mean is treat weekend!

I am SO naughty. Yet another over indulgent weekend, too much gorging and too much shopping makes for a poor, circular but happy Jen!

I hit up Riverside restaurant with my BFF for a lovely tapas lunch before having a driving lesson (this is a secret, but my driving test is VERY soon, eek!) I usually dread the lessons but surprisingly this one was a good start to the weekend.
Quickly followed by that was hitting up the shopping centre and local vintage fair, these are my finds …


RI sale jacket (despite the cooler weather, I just cant ditch 3/4 sleeves!) with Topshop tee


New Look horse print shirt, these animal printed shirts can be garish but I love this one!


Clashing prints with an old H&M fur stole


Lush tapas!


Vintage finds, gorgeous blouse and old school Dune ankle boots (just £10!)


My favourite piece of all! Jump suit, romper, boiler suit, whatever you wanna call it, I bloody love it. 80s find at just £5!

What do you think?
Have a lovely week x

A funny old week makes for a FUNNY weekend

Oh Lordy, what a lovely weekend it has been! It was a bit of a weird week, so in a bid to cheer myself up and have a little pamper, I bathed for the first time IN A YEAR! (I sometimes find time to shower in between this yearly event)

I always try to make the most of my weekend, and this was one was no exception! One of my BFF’s came home from University so a good catch up over coffee and HUGE custard creams (kudos, Costa) was in order followed by cocktails in a can, classy – I know!

I also picked up my new prescribed sunnies, I know most people relate these lenses to middle aged men (ha!) but they are a must have when driving into the low sun! Plus at by one get one free I couldn’t really say no! What do you think? The Specsavers lady compared them to Audrey Hepburn sunnies – Im a sucker for salesperson lie.







That’s been my week in photos, Im drawing a line under today despite it being just mid afternoon, I’ve figured if I’m still in my pj’s at this time – Im not gona be shifting anytime soon!

Have a good week! x

The return of the fringe

After much debate with myself and turning to friends to see what they think – I bit the bullet and returned to the fringed life, and I’m enjoying it thoroughly!

I’ve always, always been keen to pull off the parted fringe like Alexa Chung but my moon face just wouldn’t allow it, and no form of fringe is unheard of, so here I am looking like a 12 year old boy with a bowl cut/Alan Carr.



The fringe isn’t just a hair style, it’s the official marking of autumn in my books. If I was a man, I’d have a beard in autumn/winter and shaved in summer. But I’m not so a warm forehead will simply have to do!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Our Little Trip to The Dam

THE day finally came, pay day! That one day of the month we work so hard for in weeks previous, only to spend it all in a quarter of the time earned.

This payday, the first thing I bought was a fly by trip to Amsterdam with my BFF. For £56 per person, we got an over night ferry from Hull to Amsterdam with connecting coach, and 7 hours in the beautiful city that is The Dam!

We walked, shopped, site spotted (sex shop stalking) and ate – it was wonderful, weird, cheap and cultural – everything I look for in a place to visit!











My favourite part of the day was the Sex Museum, but I highly recommend the Amsterdam Dungeons!

As our trip was so short, we missed so many great sites Amsterdam has to offer! I plan on visiting again, so if you have any recommendation – let me know!

Happy midweek eve x

Visit Amsterdam

Welcome, lovely Autumn…

Autumn is my favourite month, fact! And I’ve welcomed it once again with open arms. I know a lot of people don’t like the dark mornings and the evenings pulling in early, but there’s something about it that I really love. It’s the mixture of crisp air, big jumpers, rain tapping my window and the free pass to eat as many pies and crumbles as humanly possible!

It’s not gotten that out of hand yet! But I have spent the first few weeks over indulging in Turkish food at Meze, Starbucks, pastries and on the odd wet lunch time, noodles! When I’ve not been lunching out, I’ve been making weight watchers fudge and pulling faces over the amount of errands that build up over the week that then manage to consume my entire weekend! Ah, it’s a hard life.







I’m making the most of this autumn with my favourite boy, Louie, we’ll be spending the evenings in front of the fire and gorging on comfort food.
Enjoy the cosy nights to come!

Simple PR is good PR

Whilst browsing the net on my lunch break at work I came across this simple, cheap and easy PR stunt used to promote Kenco coffee (if you know me, you’ll know that Kenco is my fave!)


By ambushing Nick on his first day of filling ‘larger than life’ Chris Moyles shoes, with the catch phrase “wake up and smell the coffee, nick!” could be seen as added pressure for the young radio presenter. But it was all in good fun, with two roosters and free coffee samples, Nick made sure to give his friends over at Kenco a shout out on his first day.