h&m silk cream shirt

h&m orange slim fit jumper

river island swing skirt

new look leopard print ankle boots

h&m hair bow

As many of you may have noticed through my copious amounts of tweets; I had an interview at topshop a few days ago (and got the job, yey!) and I thought I’d share with you what I wore (its what i’m wearing right now,ha) As Im a bit of a high street fiend I went all out and wore a budget outfit head to toe, I think the total cost was just under £60.

(shoe photos are hard to take and cringe worthy, apologies)

What you may notice is that none of it is topshop! I felt so naughty, but I didn’t want to be the typical cliché girl who turns up in layer upon layer on topshop items and hurray it worked!

PS, I wore the huge bow on my shirt collar for the interview not in my hair, as picture below (pre interview photo, I was super nervous)


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