Leather lovin

Leather is everywhere at the minute and rightly so! I love it.
Whether it be Ross Gellars pants or Jen An in a slinky number I think everyone
should own something leather (or pleather!)

HM are introducing a line inspired by the hit book ‘the girl
with the dragon tattoo’ so if you haven’t got your leather item yet, do not
fret! Im sure this range will be able to accommodate you.

In the article above two male members of the public judged
Jennifer in her leather dress, one said ‘ she looks completely smokin’ the other
claims ‘shes looks like mutton dressed as lamb’ (!!) I have to agree with the
first guy, although I do think a sturdier heel would have finished look off nicely,
giving it a more fashionable edge rather than looking like shes been thrown
back into the 90’s.

Just days after reading this magazine I spotted this
beautiful real leather dress! It was a bargain at only £5 which I assume was a
fraction of its a original price. Its very comfy and bang on trend however Im
still looking for an occasion to wear it!


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