girl crushin


I always thought Alexa Chung was my only girl crush, oh how wrong was I!? I was reading the ‘Daily Fail’ when I came across these photos of Rihanna holidaying in between performing at V fest and starting her Loud tour.

She is nothing short of a natural beauty, effortlessly sporting a Lisa Maree cut out swimsuit that only the best of us could ever dream to pull off.

The white YSL jumpsuit with cut out sides is a firm favourite of mine, how does she look so incredibly glamorous in such heat?!

What I love most though has got to be Rihanna in her tight knit maxis (H&M did a very similar version of this ss10, keep hold of it!) not only does she look stunning but she looks ‘humanl’, allowing the world to see her go sightseeing and hang out with friends. I love how accessible Rihanna is, after all these images were posted on Facebook for everyone to see!

She looks gorgeous and poses with such ease in all of these photos, if I were the jealous type Id be hating, but I cant help but love Rihanna and her edgy chic style!


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