Doing it right



Many of you with a keen eye for high street fashion may have noticed that 90% of my wardrobe is Topshop and 60% of my tweets are about items I want from Topshop! My boyfriend tells me I’m obsessive but I like to think I’m passionate (ha!)

In an attempt to cure this compulsive behaviour I thought there was no better way than to the work for the company that I out rightly allow to rape my bank account of student loan and savings each month. I’m aware that to my friends this idea seemed ludicrous  as they are fully aware of

1, my inability to resist Topshop

2, my poor money management

3, my obsession with shopping for anything at any time.

Despite most people telling me that taking a job a Topshop would do awful things to my purse I did it anyway, and I blogged briefly about the interview outfit choice here.

I’ve found that working for Topshop has proven everyone correct (:( ) Yes I’ve mentally listed things I’m going to buy, yes this before getting paid and yes my wage doesn’t even cover it. Whoops! However, I don’t see this as a huge problem as I’ve vowed that by mid-November my priorities will be in order and my money will be well spent on beloved family, friends, Topshop and the boy.

If working at Topshop has done anything, it’s made me even more aware of the efforts that they put in to customer care. A big part of the interview and training process was that Topshop are really pushing to excel in this area and want to stand out from the high street crowds. I for one massively think that they’ve nailed it in store and online.

Today at university we touched upon large companies and their use of modern media and media relations, ironically Topshop was one of 4 choices we could use to analyse and look how they perform online.

I noted the level of interaction with their publics is second to none on all platforms;

Facebook – trend updates, image updates, competition information, blog and Tumblr advertised.

Twitter – customer service and care, conversational with customers, personal, elite fashion events, competition information, current trends.

Tumblr – other blog features, current trends, other fashions and designers

Inside-Out – insight to the world of work within Topshop at all levels, informative, fun

There are a hundred and one more points that could be raised when talking about the use of social media and I dont want to get into the talk of other companies’ strategies , traditional media, professionalism or potential  jeopardy of ethical journalism etc, so for now Im just going to love social media it and leave!

While on the note of expressing my love, these are some of my wish list items


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