Last night my flat mate came in asking to have a nose around
my wardrobe to see if there is anything in there that she could wear out later that
night, and that’s when I rediscovered this pastel pink wrap around style top. I
bought it from H&M around a year ago when I went through a phase of finding
my inner professional (Pah! Although I think I have found her, I’ve always felt
mumsy in this so my aim is to make this look HOT) so with us both dismissing this as not suitable clubbing wear and deciding it’s more of a ‘meal with the in laws/romantic date night’ kind of top. (This was a good 8 minute conversation of potential places and situations) that night I decided I’ve got to find some use for this item since it’s never been worn!

My first attempt was a casual chic look for everyday life, wearing the H&M top with a simple sheer cami underneath; taking away the low plunging neck and making it wearable for any occasion. I’ve teamed these with leopard print leggings to use as the statement element and to create a playful look, to finish off Ive used heavy bangles and vintage green slipper shoes.

Im a big believer in digging out your old clothes, bringing them back to life with new pieces, contrasting or just creating great big clashes!


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