get the look for less




Who knew that the day would come where Topshop found rivalry in Primark!

I am speechless and ridicously happy over the dress I found today. It’s a beautiful black crepe dress from Primark that is unusually similar to the one in Topshop at the moment. I’ve been eyeing the Topshop chic crepe for far too long, pondering whether or not I have £34 to part with (my bank account tells me that I most definitely do not) so I came to terms with the fact that I will not be investing in this timeless piece anytime soon. That was until earlier today when I thought I would go ‘window shopping’ (does that even exist?) and spotted the best thing ever to be in Primarks window. Okay so it’s cheaper material and it’s a little shorter but I can look past these difference because this little black dress cost me just £11 !


2 thoughts on “get the look for less

  1. How fantastic! I too bought this dress last year from Topshop and have seen it in Primark and was amazed at such a bargain, so much of a bargain that i will possibly buy it again!!!

    Fabulous blog, keep up the hard work! xo

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