I joined WIWT.com 2 days ago and I’m addicted! It’s a great website were guys and girls can upload photos of outfits that they wore that day (sounds like a vein, self righteous, shallow concept doesn’t it?) I’d like to argue this and say that the users are simply fashion lovers and happy to share their outfits with others for inspiration, however I’m not sure that is totally true theirselves is a rating system!
That’s right: you upload a photo and all the other users can give you a gold star or blatantly ignore you. It’s a brutal system but that is what pulled me in. Of course I’ve got this blog where I might post #todayimwearing but I don’t always get feedback, so here I am on WIWT.com waiting for you harsh critics to use or abuse me.
What better way to open myself up to approval or dismissal than to enter a competition on my second day? (Daring, I know) WIWT is running a competition to win £200 to spend at loveclothing.com over the Christmas season. What do you have to do I hear you say? Simply upload a photo of your favourite Christmas party outfit and the applicant with the most stars wins. SIMPLES/BRUTAL.

Below is the outfit Ive chosen for this competition, you can click on it to view all photos. My reasons for choosing this get up are;

1) its my Christmas jacket! (Ive worn this every Christmas for the last 3 years, whether it be a night out, meal or Christmas markets. Its tradition)

2) This is my favourite dress of the year, so I’d like to say goodbye to 2011 in it

3) I love pattern clashes, dress + lips = meow

You can give me a star or ignore me here or search ‘LOVE COMPETITION’ on the search bar to view other hopefuls.


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