Gap: going under?

So it has been reported in the New York Times that Gap has been quietly suffering a lot worse than anticipated.  Their sales have hit a new low after a review of its quarterly income. There’s been a rumour that one reason for its failure is the increase in cotton prices. URM, come on Gap I think a lot more high street names other than you would be suffering. The CEO of Gap isn’t silly enough to try and push the blame onto anyone else, he admits it’s because the lead retailers: Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic are just not designing garments that people want. PREACH.

I have never been a fan of Gap, from a fashion perspective they offer nothing.

When is an item from Gap ever featured in LOOK magazine for instance? Never.

Has this conversation ever happened? ‘oh I love your dress where is it from? Oh it’s from Gap’ No.

They are not on trend and I personally have no memories of them ever being on trend and this rate I highly doubt they will ever get chance to be on trend.

A lot of people argue that Gap are ‘good for basics’ (lame) you know you’ve got a less than desirable high street brand if that’s the rep you’ve got. Ah ha but that’s not the only rep Gap has battled with is it, another reason why I’ve always steered clear from Gap is because of good old Mr Smyth (my geography teacher in year 9) I remember looking into the cotton trade, human rights and fair trade  very briefly many years ago and it was then that Gaps unethical ways came to light. I know they’re not the only store to use cheap labour abroad but they are one of the few stores who have gone little out of their way to try and reconcile and rebrand their crumbling reputation. I still hear horror stories of people protesting outside Gap stores when they have deliveries!

As a non shopper of Gap Im not in a place to comment on customer service or the level of interaction they have, but as a potential Gap shopper I can say with confidence that I have never been aware of any of their attempts to get me interested in their brand. I couldn’t tell you about a campaign, magazine/catalog, online presence, nothing!

Im sorry to say Gap is just a little out of touch on all fronts, if Gaps crisis continues would you miss it?

Goodbye Gap and good riddance


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