Versace for H&M

I posted about this collaboration a week or so before it was due to launch in the UK. I spoke about my excitement, lust and total envy of anyone who gets their hands on a piece from the range. I was comforted by the fact that no one I know was going to the launch or intending on buying from the range (we are hideously poor students after all, so hideous that we can event afford £14.99 belt by the one and only Versace, sad I know) that was when my friend popped up just days before the launch telling me that she will be in London over that weekend (?!!?!)

Well I tell you, if we weren’t such good friends I probably would have jeopardised her trip. Since she values me and our friendship so much (she’ll moan at me for making our friendship seem one way..) she took it upon herself to take photos for me to blog about! So I share with you now the experience I wanted first hand but had via iPhone photography, enjoy!

After looking at these you’re probably insanely jealous if you didn’t go, or if you did; reminiscing over the best, affordable collab you’ve ever seen! I’ve got to say even through imagery I am impressed, everything from the mannequins, shop fixtures and velvet hangers looks totally divine! I am huuugely disappointed that I missed out on this and I’m hoping that I will get my hands on something from the AW11 range, if not I’ve always got SS12 to look forward to for their next collaboration!

Big Thanks to!/emmalouisewilso for suppying the photos, you lucky Bfdjsf4 🙂


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