wish list

As you may have guessed, this weeks wish list all about metallics.

I was going to start this blog post with a hilarious play on words such as ‘mental for metallics!!’ but then I thought I can’t possibly portray my blogger naivety in such a way when it’s all going so well! I’m pretty sure I’ve turned a corner and I will be staying clear of ‘funny phrases’.

Recently I joined http://bigwardrobe.com and like everything else I ever start, I’m addicted. It’s a great website, if you’re strapped for cash but want new clothes I urge you all to go and swap, swap, SWAP! So, I’ve been furiously  hunting all over the high street for the perfect pair of velvet metallic leggings within my price range (of course, this was never going to happen, my price range couldn’t even get me a sandwich from Greggs) I gave up and turned to the online world. On bigwordrobe.com I found a lovely crushed silver pair which I really didn’t mind swapping for a leather dress that was not only a size to big but built for an extremely girl with a hefty chest!

As they say; the rest is history. I’ve become a huge fan of metallic clothing and Im pretty sure that you’ll find me searching the web for more bargain metallic buys!

featured: http://topshop.com http://urbanoutfitters.com http://zara.com http://asos.com


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