Passing on

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit distant lately and not posting a lot on here, WIWT or Twitter. That is because my beloved Nan passed away and it’s been the worst time ever. I can’t even begin to explain to an outsider how much she influenced me, helped and supported me and gave me a good laugh every time I saw her, she was a friend as well as my Nan. From a young age my Nan has always spoilt me, whether it is new things or just hand me downs from her wardrobe or jewellery collection. So at this awful time come clearing, this was SO hard but from it I have taken a few bits that will always remind me of good times with her, her fashion sense, the fun times she had travelling and the beautiful relationship between her and my Grandad.

Ah! I really don’t want to use this post as a place to mourn – so I’ll get on with it.

Below is a few pieces from my Nans massive jewellery collection, a lot of it is costume jewellery but for most pieces here I can pin point a time,place and outfit she wore it because I always told her how nice she looked. I will probably never wear a lot of it but I find such comfort in little things like having her eternity ring that my Grandad bought her tucked away in a hidden place.

The ring in the little box is the only piece I know no story of who bought it, why or when.

Im going to apologise now for this face, I dont think I look this lost or confused all the time?

I took this picture because this necklace holds the most sentimental value for me, Ive not taken it off since the passing of my Nan and I never will. She always fiddled with it and Ive found myself doing the same thing!

Its a horrible experience to lose somebody you love, it happens to us all but that doesnt make it easier. If you can salvage anything that will comfort you – I urge you too, it does help to have something they treasured close to you. I found it a little odd blogging about such a terrible topic and taking these photos, but I hope people understand that you must carry on with life and my Nan most definitely wouldn’t have minded me showing off her lovely collection that she built up over 78 years.

My Nan was quite fashionable wasn’t she? but she knew that already !


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