Today it is COLD. I have tights, socks, leggings, vest, tee and a jumper on! (I’m far too tight with the central heating) I’m inbetween places today running errands, so this amount of layers is perfectly acceptable!

I call this my ‘Christmas jumper’ although it has no representation of Christmas on it at all – but it’s the only chunky and warm jumper I have, plus red is quite a festive colour, isn’t it? The leggings were originally bought as part of a fancy dress outfit! (I know some people think that’s where they should stay!) but I love them, my boyf calls me Kat Slater when I wear them, which to be honest, isn’t the look I’m going for!

The boots were from a car boot sale earlier this year, I really wasn’t a fan of the military look when it was in but these are a good exception, with a solid sole, original skinny laces and real leather they were a real steal at just £1!

The socks are from American Apparel, I wear them with all my boots. You can’t go wrong with a frilly ankle sock!

I posted this on WIWT : http://wiwt.com/outfits/11305/


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