Interns should work for love, not money.

Designer, Cozette McCreery is 1/3 of the trio behind fashion label ‘Sibling’ and today she has a made a massive fool of herself in an interview with Elle Magazine.

“Interns should work for love, not money” is a statement that has shook the graduate fashion world. Students like me who hope to gain some work experience within the fashion industry have come realise that we won’t be landing a well-paid job instantly, attending glamorous events or becoming best friends with Anna Wintour, but we did have some hope of getting a small income for our efforts. It would appear that Cozette disagrees. She claims that if there was a minimum wage (?) the fashion world would crumble. Urmm.. I’m not sure we’re you’ve been the last 12 years, Cozette, but minimum wage is the least we expect!

In several attempts to defend herself and the wrong doings of her company and the entire industry, she ends up being top trumped by comments from the Graduate Fog (its a funny read, link below) This interview has brought to light a lot of concerns for the fashion industry; it is evident that a rethink in the financial mechanism and internship management is crucial. Saying that, I know silly little me and many alike will still spend the entire new year applying for fashion internships for after graduation. I can hear you now – ‘did you even write this post? why would you want too knowing the way you’ll be treated etc etc’ the shameful thing is, I am still blurred by the rose tint portrayal of the industry that the media gives, and my naivety exempts the harsh reality of the industry.

No, no, no. It’s not all bad; I’m not a budding designer or an aspiring Editor in Chief for Elle. Truth is, I don’t know what I want to do – I like styling, writing about fashion and the idea of being a buyer. So not all hope is lost – I don’t think I’ll be running behind Cozette carrying her cashmere jumper and cappuccino anytime soon.

Interns should work for money AND love, never do anything you are not passionate about.

This post has turned into a rather self-absorbed post rather than a rant/discussion, apologies! To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, head here for the Graduate Fog take on events: GraduateFog alternatively, here for the original post ElleMag


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