British Vogue welcomes 2012 with Florence Welsh

I know, I know, no one wants to be thinking of the new year yet, back to work and back to normality, but hey! its not all bad – we’ve got Florence Welsh on the cover of Januarys Vogue to look at!

I love Welshy, not in a girl crush kind of way, but in a ‘why aren’t I you’ kind  of way. She can sing, she can charm and boy, can she dress well! Here she is wearing a beautiful and soothing on the eye Chloe dress, perfect for her fierce red locks. Hmm, I wonder if she’ll be wearing something by Chloe when I go see her in March. Oh, have I not mentioned this? not to brag but my lovely boyf has only gone and treated me to some long sought after tickets! The countdown to this event will start in January, so its quite fitting that she is on this cover!

This issue of Vogue is available to buy now, but if your anything like me, you won’t be turning those pages until Christmas day when your settled down with a glass of baileys and a mince pie (not thinking about the NY resolution of dieting yet, clearly!)


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