silly spender

I feel like I’ve neglected my blog lately, every time I sit down to write something constructive for it, I feel a surge of guilt knowing that this effort and thought process should be going into uni work. So I’m going to a teeny post that requires no thinking, therefore guilt free. (Get ready for spelling and grammar mistakes)

Recently I’ve tweeted about my disappointment so far in the high street SS12 lines that are slowly popping up, so I could post about that, but that requires brain power, so I’m not going too. (Keep an eye out though, it will happen)

Instead, while swapping between Meryl and Schofe (Devil Wears Prada and DOI) I thought I’d share you with what I found in the Topshop sale today. You may have already seen the two video blog hauls from previous shopping trips I’ve had (if not, check them out here!) but since there’s very little to show from today, I thought I may as well just post rather than vlog.

This entire outfit, minus the shoes and tights,cost me mere £30 in the sales!

I’m hoping for cooler weather so I can rock this zebra print cardigan a little longer, although my thinking is that since theres quite a lot of animal print within some SS12 ranges, it may still be in use throughout SS, too! Im also hoping for a lovely tan this summer, fingers crossed *actuallydidit* will make wearing metallic gold bare-legged look acceptable! but as for the white tee and bulb gold chain, pure investments 🙂


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