Candy Cane Stripes

Before I get going I’d like to say that I’ve left my camera in my home town and I’m relying on my poor excuse of a mobile to take photos, so that means asking people to take my photo which I can not stress how much I hate! These were taken by my less than enthusiastic boyf, bless him.

Oh my lord, I love them.

I wanted a similar Topshop pair last year that were blue stripes, but they sold out everywhere so this year I thought I wouldn’t risk it again and get a pair while the weathers totally unsuitable (reasonable?!) I’ve named these my “beni shorts” I nearly always name my clothes, doesn’t everyone? “The birthday dress” the “Christmas day pj’s” the “interview jacket” the “‘ I’m important and do need this’ handbag” “the Grimsby band tee tshirt” the “I just popped out trousers” IM NOT JOKING.

Anyway, so they’re called ‘beni shorts’ because I plan on going to Benicassim this summer, beni is a huge festival in Spain (Google it, when I talk about it I get too excited) these are going to be my festival staple!

I’ve teamed these shorts with a pink light knit ¾ sleeve jumper; it’s a funny shade of pink, it’s not quite pastel or hot; it’s almost got a neon vibe about it. Don’t cringe, neon is the devil but it seems to work, doesn’t it? With my silly head band and beautiful thrifted ruck sake Im 100% ready for SS12.


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