VB hits Harvey Nichols

While sat with my head swamped in work and generally stressing out, Grazia lifted my spirits by tweeting the link to images of VB hitting Harvey Nics and I LOVE it, so I’m having a little break just to write this little post.

http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archive/2012/01/30/its-here-victoria–victoria-beckham-arrives-at-harvey-nichols.htm oh my god, I LOVE it, I dont find the cat heads creepy at all. meowmeow. VB is so good, I want. via @Grazia_Live

Look how hyped I was ^ haha! I love VB though; I’m such a huge fan. This obviously derives from my love of the Spice Girls, even though she wasn’t my favourite, Sporty all the way! (live to regret that now as there’s countless photo of me with stick on tattoos around my arm doing karate kick poses, umhm..) but since emerging as a designer I’ve really liked everything she has done, when she won brand of the year 2011 I just couldnt help but feel happy and little bit proud!

I love our Vic and I plan on dressing in head to toe VB “when Im older” (Im already old) and have a real job! Along side this I’m also going to have an affair with her husband..


Check the full story here



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