dress up with my manny

Last night was my flatmates 21st birthday and we all headed out to the VIP area of a Sheffield club where we were treated to strawberry champers! My friend tried telling me that one glass was one of my five a day in a bid to get me drunk, haha it didn’t work!

Like every other night I stand and stare at my wardrobe for about 45 minutes deciding what to wear, its torture that every girl goes through and always will! Despite all the sale spending Ive done lately I felt as if I had nothing suitable to wear so I opted for this little number..

The playsuit is something Ive been after for so long and was lucky enough to get one from the sale! I wanted to place the link here but unfortunately its sold out, so the best bet is to just keep checking ASOS as Ive not seen it anywhere else. The lace top underneath is one of the first items I bought in Sheffield when I first moved here, its from ARK. Its not seen daylight in a very long time so its nice to put it to good use. The shoes are my old faithfuls,I was originally eyeing up a pair in Office but found these black beauties in Dorothy Perkins for the fraction of the price! As for the bag, which EVERYONE loves! thats from a charity shop in my home town and cost me something silly like £2? you can catch the haul in which the bag is featured here.

I used my mannequin for these photos because 1) I couldnt be bothered to put it all on and no decent photos were taken last night that I could have used! 2) Ive been wanting to start using my manny for ages, my big bro got me it for Christmas and Ive decorated it with floral fabric and I love it!

Is dressing my mannequin as effective as seeing myself in the outfit? let me know,

Happy Tuesday x



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