Its my 21st and I’ll drink your fishbowl if I want too

Im 21 today, hurrah! (I dont know if Im happy about this or not, being 21 means I can drink in America and maybe be taken seriously. I have no plans to go to America or grow up anytime soon, so Im starting to think being an adult is pretty crap!)

To celebrate I had little get together in Sheffield, it was fab! my friends from home came up and partied with the uni lot which was so fun! Above are the only blog worthy images, Im sure none of you want to see me with fake eye lashes on my cheeks and a fish bowl on my head? Im kidding! it wasn’t that wild, the dress is too precious to go crazy in!

Tomorrow Im heading to Leeds to be wined and dined by the family, and then heading home in a few days time to be wined and dined by the friends! so tonight, despite it being my actual day of birth, Im just chilling with a face mask on and my feet in foot spa (gift from my gorgeous boyf) while my flat mate cooks for me, Im such a diva!

I felt lovely in this outfit, which makes a change on a night out as I nearly always moan about something. Im really happy to say that I felt fantastic for my 21st!

Ive put together my outfit for you all to see, I was dubious about doing this as then my friends and family will know how much money I spent, oops!

This dress is gorgeous, Im totally in love with it. I got it in pale pink without knowing it was available in any other shades! but since uploading to WIWT Ive found out that its in 3 colours, get yours here

I originally wanted Jeffery Campbell Lita boots, many of you may have noticed the manic tweets I was doing when trying to get my little mits on some! Unfortunately it proved impossible to get some in time so I ended up with these Vixen boots, KG by Kurt Geiger. I love them! I think theyre alot prettier in person!

I cant find the bag I own, its similar to this with the knuckle duster handle but mine is black with leather tassles on. Unfortunately it didnt make it into any photos! but missguided’s equivalent is just as lovely!

I completed my outfit with an ear cuff, I love these and have 3 now. Again this isnt the one I wore as that is no longer on the site! but this one is gorgeous too.

All my friends know Im not uber girly, so when I picked out this dress there were some pretty shocked faces! but of course I couldnt let the grunger within me hide away for a full night! Using the black ankle boots, black leather knuckle duster bag and ear cuff was an attempt to give the outfit an edge. I love it!

What do you think?

Happy Birthday to me x


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