birthday celebrations continued..

I’ve handpicked a few photos from 100+ snaps I got this weekend that I spent in Leeds for birthday celebrations. As posted here, I had several ‘mini’ celebrations lined up for the big 21 but to my surprise it’s all turned out to be pretty big celebrations!

The celebrations started with a night out with friends (link above!) followed by a day of family fun in Leeds, which in fact turned into 7-8 hour food and cocktail gorge. It was fantastic! I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed it; it’s probably the most I’ve ever been spoilt, ever, ever. Plus on top of that, it’s just made me want to live in Leeds even more.

Leeds is beautiful city, don’t some people call it ‘the London of the North?’ I don’t like that term, as it bigs London up a bit too much and makes Leeds sound as if it doesn’t have its own identity, which it totally does. The day began with Cava and cake at 2pm, which I totally loved. Along with some present exchanging, which I need to post, I got some beautiful jewellery and a new favourite clutch bag.

We began the night in The Hop (If you’re not from Leeds, take notes for when you visit!) this place was really nice and offered me my first crisp white wine spritzer of the night! From there we went to Wasabi, which is literally next door! I could write a blog on Wasabi alone, but I won’t because I’m not a food critic and will end up saying “it was amazing and nice” 100+. But you get the picture? It was amazing and nice. Really though, if you’re into having a real experience with your meal and up for trying new things (like alcohol, Sake is a Japanese warm wine but tastes like hot vodka, it’ll put hairs on your chest!) then I recommend Wasabi, they cooked the entire meal in front of us, sang happy birthday to me and singed my eyebrows (not literally, but could have, I’m not explaining, go and find out!) it was brilliant!

The meal left me thinking that I couldn’t possibly consume anything more, but then we went to Sky Lounge where we mingled with the gorgeous people of Leeds and had strawberry cocktails! Sky Lounge offers the best view of Leeds there is, it’s gorgeous at night, as is any city from a height. Sky Lounge has a really cool vibe about it, everyone’s a little pretentious and everyone’s hideously attractive and I love it.

From there we headed to a new bar, not quite sure of the name or where it is in fact! but that is where I had a cocktail which had 600+ calories I’m sure! Baileys, cream, coffee and alcohol gives a good taste but not the waist line!

We somehow ended up in Weatherspoons?! after a night of feeling like a high flyer, being wined and dined and mingling with the best of them, my Dad wanted a good old fashioned, hearty pint didn’t he! So after a fantastic night of family fun and being spoilt me and the boyf headed back to the hotel with an alarm set bright and early for a full English breakfast!

The next day we were all super tired, so instead of hopping back on the train to Sheffield to the hard hit of reality and dissertation, we decided to take a walk down to The Royal Armouries, I thought this place was fantastic especially for free! I love history, I got an A at GCSE 😉 so this was right up my street, plus its nice and relaxing when feeling a little fragile, too!

It was a dream 24-ish hours and I’m so grateful.



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