Style me

As posted here, I went on a shopping trip the other day where I picked up lots of garments and trinkets from second hand shops in my home town. It was good fun, Ive got a lot to show from it and my bank balance is still in shape! However, I bought one item that Im struggling to wear at the minute. I previously said I bought it for summer/spring, but with the weather being quite nice I want to get it out of my wardrobe now!

So, Im taking inspiration from @StyleOnTheCouch fantastic post:  where she asked for ideas on how to style her red jeans, it hasnt gone unnoticed how many followers, commenters and blog fans she has, and rightly so! its quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs to read, too. Because of the blogs large fan base, the post recieved a lot of ideas and styling tips from her readers. The advice she went for left her looking casual and chic

My blog is still a baby so Im not expecting a lot, but if you have any ideas on how to style this 90’s pastel pink jacket – hit me with them! Much like StyleOnTheCoach; Im interested in accessories, hair styling, anything and everything that will get this £3 baby out of my wardrobe NOW! So let your inner stylist (we all have one!) go wild! Like I said to my friend the other day, Im willing to stand out like a sore thumb and make several fashion faux pas than blend in with the walls and go unnoticed!


Happy Saturday x


6 thoughts on “Style me

  1. I think this would look good with some tight black skinny jeans or perhaps some high-waisted slim black shiny trousers like the American Apparel disco pants and a little black vest. But then I don’t wear a lot of light/pastel colours!

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