After a week of cramming the hours in at the library in hope to get my first draft of the dreaded dissertation in before I go to London to see Florence and The Machine, I decided that I deserve a little a treat. I headed to my two fave high street stores, H&M and Topshop. That’s where I picked up the key pieces for this outfit.
Before I go any further I want to talk about these photos, if you’ve read any of my posts before you’ll have noticed that I don’t have a photographer and rely heavily on self timer! I’ve tried so many times to make my Boyf take the photos but he’s just too impatient! Stupidly I asked him to take these, he makes me laugh and doesn’t count me in, so I always end pulling the worst faces! Despite hating my face 100% of the time and especially hating it when I laugh, I had to put these up. So funny, I’m a real natural beauty (pah!)

Joe can you take a photo? Hang on! let me pose..


Still not ready.. Dont take it yet!


What?! You have been taking them!?


I should probably stick to this..

The light cream jumper is from Topshop, its nothing like anything I already own, which is surprising because I quite often go for plain items that are easy to dress up and accessorise. I can see me wearing this to death!
Flatforms are H&M, I’ve been lusting after a pair for far too long! I already own a pink glittery pair (featured in this vlog haul) and (blogged about here) but they are super difficult to team with outfits!
The white shirt was an absolute steal, just £7.99 from H&M! Perfect for summer as its sleeveless.
Ive put all these new items with my faithful black Topshop leggings, DIY studded New Look jacket and vintage black leather rucksack which was a birthday gift from my beaut BFF.

Im spending the rest of my weekend watching films and taking it seriously easy!
Have a lovely weekend x


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