For a while I’ve wanted to create a post that documents my week of outfits in one place, as an avid user of @WIWT (what I wore today, fab site. Get on it) I’ve been inspired to take a similar approach and start compiling one week of outfits into one post. I figured its easier than blogging about new pieces or outfits individually when they are not necessarily anything to shout about (unless it’s a haul, obviously!) and it’s always nice to nosey isn’t it? So this in mind, I want to make this a weekly post simply titled “#week1”,2 ,3 etc. I guess it’s quite a personal post, despite the fact I don’t intend to write an awful lot, you can see what I’ve been wearing or even creepier, recognise me in the street because of this bloody leather jacket that I haven’t taken off since August 2011.

Anyway, here is my first week. I’m aware that its only Tuesday but I have a good explanation for pretty much drawing a line under this week in terms of work, university, any academic reading and even eating and sleeping. And that is because *drum rolls* I’m heading to London early doors tomorrow to see the beautiful Florence Welch at Alexandra Palace! Argh, I can’t even type when I think about it due to excitement so I’ll just say this: Florence + London = dream. Definitely will be no time to take photos of anything but her and maybe some red buses (I love playing on how Northern I am. NORTHERN PRIDE X) Woah, this has turned into a personal post, a select few will smile at that last bracketed comment and my approach to the “North, South divide”, not sure how I’m coming across to others though.

Do you document your outfits in anyway?

Link me to your What I Wore Today accounts if you have one!

Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “#week1

  1. “I love playing on how Northern I am. NORTHERN PRIDE X” i smiled, love you! great blog, keep up the fabulous work you fantastic fashionista x

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