Florence and the machine

How amazing does Flo look in her cat suit and cape ensemble? She’s incredible; her look is so unique, just like her voice! As a massive fan I admittedly would have been happy if she just breathed down the mic and walked away,  but of course that wasn’t going to happen and my god did she pull it out of the bag!

From song to song I was totally in awe while singing/screaming along, its a bit creepy how much I like her to be honest; I fear my pervert side is going to come out in this post.

Any who, after 4 hours of queuing, 2 hours of support bands, The Horrors and Spector (both fab bands, definitely worth a listen. I’m hitting up Spotify as I type) and a 13 hour day all in all, I can safely say it was the best live music I’ve ever seen and heard.

Enjoy my video above and share your Flo photo’s with me if you were there x


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