flower power

I tweeted a few days ago that I’d naughtily headed out to some vintage shops and picked up a few pieces, well here they! I really wanted to get this post out sooner but life is taking over! Blogging has turned into a real peaceful haven for me now, whereas I used to do just for pure enjoyment, I now do it because it keeps me sane through the last months of uni! It’s really lovely to have a hobby that takes me away from everything else.

Topshop crop tee : £8 ASOS clutch : £20

As per, I’m relying on my self timer to try and get a good snap of the outfit, I’m super unhappy with these images and I hate posting ones like this. But I have no other option, my flat mates aren’t in to ask and the entire flat is a state! So I just had to deal with the messy wall and enclosed space due to eBay sell piles all over my floor!

I’ve created two simple outfits with the dress and trousers that I bought from Cow. Together they totalled £13! No one has seen the trousers yet, but I’m preparing myself for comments such as ‘aren’t they PJ bottoms?’ they are infact a super light weight linen! The print is gorgeous and I love how bright and bold they are! I cant wait to dress them up for summer nights with wedges, bralette and of course, a tan! but for now, Im loving this laid back look.

The dress is fabulous and I’ve restrained myself from wearing it 3 days in a row, because I always do that. I get something I love and I don’t take it off until I absolutely have too. I’ve had some really nice comments online about the dress, but I think its a bit too much for people at uni as I’ve had a lot of these faces “:|” haha. I for one adore it! I’ve been wearing it with tights but I’m counting down until spring/summer when I can get the pins out and some lovely vintage sandals to go with it!

The dress made it to WIWT editors pick too!

What do you think?

Happy Wednesday! x



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