Insta advice!

I’m sat in a slum of anger, depression and fear. Mostly over university, finances, post uni, finding a job, kick starting my career and my desire to go travelling seeming less and less out of reach. So with all this building up I’ve turned to my blog.

I’ve been a little worried about my online presence lately, basically, I don’t have a presence. I’m barely blogging. My facebook is obsolete, my twitter feed is angry and dont even get me started on YouTube or Pinterest.

So in a bid to turn this around I thought I’d do a blog post. I’m always saying I want to start doing more topical posts that cover do’s and dont’s within your blog, social media and online activity but the truth of it is… I don’t always put my own tips into action! This is primarily down to uni being a total ball ache; I tend to use these platforms as a stress outlet more than anything lately.

Instagram has just hit 25 million users! A service available to iPad and iPhone users. Instagram is an app that allows you to take, edit and share your snaps. I’ve listed some ways to make the most of it!

  1. Use it as a place to advertise your blog. Sneak peak images of something that will be featured on your blog post allows insta users to know what to expect on your blog. Its a great way to get your blog out there, attract new blog readers and even get new insta followers! Make sure to use hashtags! Like twitter, people often use hastags in a bid to find people talking about the same topic. Hashtagging key terms could open you up to a lot of vewiers.
  2. Interlink your instagram with your social media. There’s no shame in self promoting if it’s done well! Simply add your insta name into your twitter bio, Facebook info, YouTube about me etc etc. Despite insta being image based, it is still a great way to follow peers, industry experts, friends and even your favourite brands!
  3. The instagram challenge! An instagram user with many followers often creates a monthly photo challenge. For example ‘Photo Challenge a day, March’ in which they will create a list 31 points long (or how many days there are in that month) each with a different word, and depending on how you interpret that word determines the type of image you decide to snap and share! It’s a good way to have your insta found, blog found, or to be followed!

Interlinking and cross platforms is fab way to circulation your blog! Hope these are of some help. Follow me on instagram: jennycub

How else do you use instagram?


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