So Sweet of You, Mr. Kipling.

Yesterday I posted the photo below of me hitting the interactive JCDecaux fixture that was dispensing free Mr.Kipling slices! You all loved it just as much as I did so I thought I’d look a bit more into it.

Some of you may know that I study PR and Comms and that I have a huge interest in the creativity and research behind advertising and marketing, so this kind of innovative campaign move by Mr.Kipling is right up my street!

Firstly, I’d like to note where these dispensers are situated around the UK, as I know a lot of you probably want a go! The launch of the campaign began in London with the lovely Joanna Page hitting the button to receive her free slice of cake, but another 18 units are being put in place around Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow.

The idea behind the campaign is to 1) celebrate the ‘snap pack’ format of the angel slice cake and 2) remind us that we can have cake on the go!

The units are being placed within bus shelters and free standing JCDecaux fixtures, so keep your eyes peeled! I’ve read that the one based in London emitted a scent of the angel cake its self to lure you in, I didn’t smell anything around the Sheffield fixture unfortunately, but what a fab idea is that?!

I believe the campaign is running for around a month, so be sure to snap your free slice up. Each unit has 500 slices in and is active from 6am – 10 pm daily. The campaign is being supported by even more cake sampling and interactivity, since the 27th March a ‘cakemobile’ has been touring the UK, again to celebrate ‘cake on the go’. I’m hoping that the cakemobile travels to those places that haven’t been lucky enough to experience the push-the-button cake fixtures. It’s not fair that we get all the cake, is it? Plus I’m thinking of my waist line!

I love this concept; I hope it’ll be a great success. I for one can say I’ve fallen back in love with Mr.Kipling and will definitely be investing in a snap pack of angel slices!


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