I created this post on my mobile while lounging around watching Shrek and eating my weight in Easter eggs, so do excuse me if parts of it make no sense. Its likely that I’ll be paying more attention to cracking the next egg than what I’m writing !

Its been a lovely week but far too relaxed to say my dissertation is due in in just over a 7 days! I keep telling myself that this is time to recharge my batteries but I’m not sure how true that is! I’m heading back university tomorrow so my performance over the next few day will determine whether or not these rejuvenating few days have been worth while!

Ive spent my week with friends, eating too much, walking my dog, making the most of the best fish that the north has to offer and reworking my head shape (As my lovely dad put it) aka THE FRINGE.

It’s been a care free and over indulgence/not enough sleep dream!

I’m finishing off Easter with ear ache but I can’t complain about much else.

Happy Easter x


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