Primark Pastels







Bag: ASOS, Tshirt: Topshop, Jeans: Primark, Blazer: Primark.

Before I get going I must apologise for my big, fat smiling face! This is the first post I’ve created using a photo timer app to take my photos. As you can see, I was pretty chuffed with it! Anyway, at the age of 13 I vowed never to buy Primark jeans ever again, but here I am sporting their SS12 line of pastel coloured jeans! I’ve been on a buying ban the last few weeks but unexpectedly caved when I went to Primark. I always pop in there thinking I’d leave empty handed but then end up picking up a few pieces up!

Both the blazer and jeans are Primark pieces, and I love them! The blazer has been in every magazine and in almost every fashion bloggers spring/summer posts that I’ve read. It’s fantastic for £19! I think it comes in a variety of shades but I could only find the yellow in my size.

Once I’d picked this up I had to find something to team it with, with River Island in mind I headed to the till to pay up and that’s when I spotted these jeans. I remember being 13-14 and shopping on a paper round budget, my one stop shop was Primark; I swore buy it and loved it. But as I got older and my wages grew I branched out into other shops, realising that I could stop wearing poorly fitting, sagging and usually not on trend jeans from Primark. Today I eat my words, I don’t know what Primark is usually like for jeans but I can vouch for these pastel ones and say that, surprisingly that after a day of wearing them they are still tight, hugging all the right places and most importantly, bang on trend! I love that they come with a cute pink belt,too. I’ll definitely be teaming that with my white summer dresses for a splash of pastel colour.

I’ll definitely be heading to Primark for more than just summer tee’s, tights and dresses now that I’ve rediscovered their jeans.

Have you bought Primark jeans before? What do you think?


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