There’s nothing better than clean bedding and a clean Jenny all in time for TOWIE on a Sunday night! As I’ve got 10 minutes to spare I thought it bash out my week in images, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 6 weeks now! It really has flown by. This week has been pretty slow, I’ve moved back into my flat in Sheffield after a great week at home, and to be honest, it’s been as grim as expected. Sheffield has truly lost its sparkle for me, it’s sad to admit, I guess that’s a sign that uni is ending!

Anywho! This week began with me playing around with my fringe(still!) I do love it but I felt as if it limited my make up usage as I only have a tiny face/head, so I did the most extravagant make up that I’d ever wear to see if it looked a bit too much – I’m content with the outcome, it doesn’t look like too much is going on, does it?

The heavens have opened on me far too many times this week; I’ve been unprepared almost every time too! I had to capture the surreal and kind of creepy wet Sheffield the other evening, I love this weather, especially strolling in it in my big parka, it’s so relaxing!

With £5 in my pocket to buy toiletries I ended up with this £4 charity shop blue and white 70’s pinny style dress and £1 men’s brown leather belt. Totally better than hand wash, dry shampoo and cotton buds, riiight! It’s not the most flattering image, I’m really hoping to get a post out purely on this outfit because it’s a dream! I can’t wait to dress it up with vintage court shoes, brown leather rucksack and circle sunnies.

Oh and just the small matter of dissertation = printed (!!!!!!!!!!) Sleepover with my favourite 1 year old, Sofia.  She’s beautiful, hilarious and just brilliant to be around; just like her Momma. Learning how to curl my short locks, and lunch with my friend while sporting my new tie dye skirt from Miss Selfridge.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend x



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