Apologises for being distant in the bloggersphere lately, I’m in the last 3 weeks of uni and it’s manic! Other than uni work, I had a really good week last week; I’ve bagged myself a job interview, handed in the dissertation, went for celebratory drinks, ate the hangover away in the local Chinese and made the editors picks on WIWT with my first upload in ages! Overall, I can’t complain!

I kick started the week with homemade nachos and cutting up old tees, not that you can tell from the photo, but I took an old striped crew neck, ¾ sleeves tee and made it into a rolled sleeve top! It’s such an improvement and I’ll definitely wear it now. I also attacked my fringe twice with the scissors; I’m now living to regret it as it is wonkier than willy.

Late last week I tweeted and instagramed (jennycub) two potential interview outfits to see which one you guys thought was best. I love how amazing you all were in helping me choose! So thank you, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve opted for blue shirt and black pencil skirt. Both are from H&M.

I had a sleepover with fellow blogger and friend, Emma. I played with her cat that I’ve been dying to meet for an age! Little Princess, more like a little shit! But we love her.

My Monday has been surprisingly productive and I’m so ready to get all 3 assessments out of the way this week ready for home time fun this coming weekend!

Have a lovely week x


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