The Hair Doctor: get yours here!



Squeaky Green: get yours here!


Grease Lightening: get yours here!

LUSH have recently started their campaign that highlights the horrors of behind the scene beauty product making. Bringing hard facts and interesting visuals to the consumers and passersby of LUSH stores across the UK, in Sheffield they had a young woman dressed as a dog trapped in a cage outside the store, this was to show what conditions the animals that are tested on are left in for hours on end.

I haven’t shopped in LUSH since I was 13, (8 years ago!) the reasons for this being 1) living nowhere near a LUSH store and 2) never really feeling the need to buy freshly made products or responsibility sourced ingredients.

Oh, how foolish I was throughout my teens.

I’m happy to say that now, with LUSH on my doorstop and an interest in where my products come from, I’m now a big lover of LUSH. With their campaign running, I’ve found myself surrounded by LUSH news online and it urged to me to pop in and take a look at the differences they are trying to make across the board of animal rights.

I went in today to enquire about hair products and ended up being given these 3 lovely samples! (Your eyes do not deceive you – that is a full pot of hair doctor for free!) The service was fab and the woman really understood my concerns about the sensitivity of my scalp and skin, she seemed quite happy to part with this bundle of goodies and adviced me to visit once I’ve used them to reassess what I may or may not need!

Whether the products work or not (I’m confident that they will!) I can’t praise LUSH enough for supporting anti-animal testing causes, building a national campaign and putting it out there successfully. Not to mention their fantastic and knowledgeable staff!

I’ll be posting about how I get along with the products shortly. Do you shop at LUSH?

Happy Tuesday x


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