Flower Power





Here it is, my latest pride and joy! I friggin’ love this floral suit from Primark, it’s one of the pieces I got on my shopping splurge that I blogged out here. Despite it being really cheap in comparison to other matching shorts and blazers sets on the high street, it is surprisingly good quality! The shorts fit fantastically and don’t crease at all, I would advice getting a size smaller as they are really generous.

The blazer could pass as Zara easily! The fit is tailored and the shoulder structure is super flattering, I often find that Primark’s attempt at structured shoulders is either to floppy or to OTT, but this time they’ve got it just right!

I’ve teamed it with a cream Topshop knit, gold necklace and black pumps, maybe a little out there for the library, but I wanted to get a feel for what I can and can’t get away with as it’s such a lively print!

With the two pieces being transferable, I’ll be sure to mix and match them with other items throughout the seasons. I’m pretty sure these items will be in so many blog posts over the foreseeable future!

Happy Wednesday!


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