LUSH Review

I blogged about the freebies I bagged from Lush the other day here. Today I’m back with the results!

1) Hair Doctor – being told that this product is made with soothing natural ingredients such as tea tree and rosemary, I couldn’t help but have high expectations as I’m so used to blasting my hair with all sorts of chemicals in ordinary hair masks. I applied the mask onto dry, unclean hair and massaged thoroughly down to my scalp to ensure it works its magic! There was slight tingly sensation, it was gentle though! Not like the kind you feel from bleach/hair dye! I’m pleased to say thatafter washing it out not only did my hair feel totally refreshed and light weight (without the build up feeling you often get with hair products) but my scalp wasn’t irritated at all, brushing and styling my hair was relatively pain free, which was really nice because usually my crown can be so sensitive to the comb!

2) Squeaky Green Shampoo – I washed the Hair Doctor out with this bar shampoo to make sure I have the best results. This wasn’t the first LUSH bar shampoo I’ve used but it has been the best. The graininess off it helped to lather up a good amount, and surprisingly, you really don’t need to rub it that much to get enough for a head full! Again, this product is made with anti-bacterial natural ingredients, so it smells wonderful! The shampoo was refreshing and left my hair feeling build-up free, I could feel the slight tingle with this too, but as with the Hair Doctor, it was soothing and I’m happy to say that my hair and scalp felt the cleanest and most refreshed it has done in a long time!

3) Grease Lightening – This spot gel has a jelly like texture and is clear, it’s a lot different from any medicated or prescribed ointments I’ve ever used! And trust me, I’ve used a lot! As a sufferer of severe acne from the ages 13 – 17 skin care is really important to me, I constantly fear a bad break out, so I’ve found myself buying into a lot of different treatments to prevent this. Compared to heavy, white and skin burning creams that I have used, this one was very gentle and kind to my skin, I could only tell it was there by the tightness feel it gives. Unfortunately, that’s the only effect it has, since applying the gel my skin hasn’t improved, in fact it’s gotten a little worse! As the doctor has always stated, all skin is different. So, I don’t blame LUSH for creating a product that doesn’t work, as I’m sure if you have pretty good skin and are just looking for a gentle prevention for pimples, it may work. But as sufferer of terrible skin, I guess I better stick to the prescribed stuff :(.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the products and will definitely be reinvesting in the hair products!

Have a lovely weekend x


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