I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s been a bad week, I’ve spent everyday in the library and every evening tucked up in bed and lets be honest, when I’m showing print screens of beating my highest Temple Run score, I kind of have to admit it’s been a dull one! On the plus side, I discovered BIKBOK, an amazing Norwegian store, it’s quite similar to H&M but often a lot cheaper, but the only thing is, you can’t shop online! Although, not all hope is lost because there’s often items on eBay!

As it has been a library heavy week, my boyfriend treated me and took me out for dinner last night. We went to The Olde House in Sheffield, the sweetie; we had our first date there! I went for the beef and horseradish pie, whilst he opted for good old fish and chips! It was a lovely night and the first proper meal I’ve had in ages! I was hoping that stocking up on real meat and hearty food would give me the boost I’ve needed, but unfortunately I’m slouched back into the chair staring at a blank MS word document! I’m beginning to think its bank holidays that have this effect on me, I moan constantly each time they come around! I need to stop rambling before I dampen everyone’s mood!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the long weekend, I’m off to get a grip x


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