Jeff, who ?

90% of fashion bloggers have a pair, the remaining 10% want a pair and every other girl has been searching for a cheaper alternative. Here they are, my new love. I know they’re not identical to Jeffery Campbell lita boots but they are a really good attempt for £30!

I’ve worn them 3 nights in one week and I’m pleased to say my feet have been just fine the next morning! there probably the comfiest heels I own, it’s just a shame that they can be difficult to style!

So far I’ve teamed them with a peplum LBD and lots of fake tan! I felt like an Essex girl meets Rihanna gone wrong. Secondly, an oversized grey tshirt dress, tights, black leather jacket and silver jewellery.
Lastly, I went for skinnies, oversized cream tee and statement pendant necklace.

Due to a dire fringe/hair situation I have no photos of these outfits! But don’t fear, I’m pretty sure these are going to become the most worn shoes in my wardrobe!

Buy yours from


Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend x


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