Ombré Tshirt

Ombre, dip dye, whatever you want to call it, its here to stay!

The craze began late last year when two tone hair no longer meant highlights, but to have a gradual colour change from root to tip. This look has since made its mark on clothing, especially the SS12 high street fashion. With shops like New Look and Topshop introducing ombre tshirts, shorts, skirts and bags, it’s clearly a trend to get on board with!

If you follow me on twitter you will have heard me talk about a spending ban that I’ve put myself on, it’s been going on for about 5 months, I crack every month and spend around £50 on clothes, which is a bloody brilliant if I don’t say so myself! I used to spend around £100 every 2 weeks on clothes, silly eh?

In a bid to stay looking good whilst having no £££, I’ve taken an old shirt that I bought from COW vintage around 3 years ago and soaked the bottom half in bleach for around an hour. And tad ah, result! Ok, so it doesn’t look like much, but once ironed and styled I think I’ll be on to a winner.

I’m really happy with it, it’s simple and effective. I can’t wait to team it with denim hot pants, vans and a rucksack! I have one other checked shirt in green that I may do this, practise makes perfect eh?



Hope the rain isn’t dampening your Monday mood x


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