The Spanish dream

Ola, I’m home!

I’ve been on my little travels to Valencia and Barcelona. I have a million photos I want to share with you all, but instead of just doing one haa-uge post, I thought I’d start off with something I know most of you will be interested. SPANISH FASHION. Well, I say fashion. It my own take of their style that I’ve recreated with pieces I bought from a Spanish charity shop in Barcelona called Humana.

I know a lot of you will read that and think 1) Who goes clothes shopping on holiday!? 2) Who goes second hand shopping on holiday! Well, the answer is, me! someone who has an addiction and in need of new clothes as they all got ruined at Benicassim (which was amazing by the way, post to come.)


This baby blue smock dress is in fact a size 22 top for the larger lady. But when I spotted it, I knew it could get away with wearing it as a floaty dress! I had many smiles whilst trotting around Barcelona in this, its pretty cute isnt it!?


This photo was taken upon my arrival back in the sunny UK, its also my favourite Spanish buys! the linen vest is ZARA! but bought for 1 euro, the checked green skirt as cute side pockets and fit comfortably, something that is a rarity with fitted skirts on my big bum! The tan sandals are as Spanish and cosmopolitan European you can get, and I love them. The tiny heel doesnt make me feel frumpy at all, but cute and dainty, just like a real Spanish lady (ha!)


Every young person, girl or boy, had a leather necklace with a pendant on, mine is of a feather as I love feathers! Las Ramblas is full of small shops that sell cute earrings in all shapes and sizes, I got myself some silver earrings in the shape of baseball caps!


This oversized khaki green vest is a shade and style that was worn heavily amongst the younger Spanish girls, most of them had a really cool, grungy look about them. It was a look much like the cosmopolitan styling that I’d been inspired by, but for now, my tee, eyelinger and ear stretcher is as hardcore as its gona get!

Spanish fashion is a wonderful mixture of tailored Mango and ZARA pieces, teamed with vintage and/or grunge looking dungarees, retro pencil skirts and dainty sandals or converse! it was a gorgeous mixture that has totally made me realise that theres so much more to fashion than the British high street, and although we do it well, I will definitely be adapting some new looks into my wardrobe!



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