Beautiful Barcelona

Oh, I miss it so! I’ve been back in the UK a week and half, and as anti-social as this sounds, I’d much rather be roaming the streets of Barcelona alone with my iced coffee and map than doing anything with anyone here at home. That sounds awful! but Barcelona is one of the most culturally rich, beautiful, classic/authentic looking places I’ve ever visited and its a dull realization when  I’m sat at home planning a night out in this little, dead-end town whilst working out my finances.

I spent 5 days and 4 nights alone in Barcelona after a week at Benicassim festival with friends, I was desperate for some time out and to discover somewhere new at my own pace, doing my own thing, and that I did! Before I went I was warned time and time again about Barcelona’s “seedy back streets”, I’m pretty sure 95% of my friends and family expected me to get mugged! Fortunately, I had no problems like this and heard nor witnessed anything of the sort. Thankfully, I had a brilliant experience!

I’ve been compared to Monica Gellar from ‘Friends’ a million times, and in true Monica style, I planned everyday down to the hour to ensure I made the most of my time in Barcelona. My favourite places to visit which I would fully recommend are;

La Gothica area off La Rambla, La Rambla itself, Gaudi museum, Sagrada Familia, Port Vell, The cable cars that go either over the port or mountain, depending on the view you want! and of course, the beach! my trip wouldn’t have been as good if I hadn’t gone aimlessly wandering, there are sights to be seen like the ones noted above, but the true beauty of Barcelona, I think, lies in the historical back streets that are filled of buskers, charming old shops and shabby balcony clad flats.

Happy Wednesday! x

PS, If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, I can’t recommend this hostel enough! Or if that’s not for you, check out this website for the best locations to stay in Barcelona.


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