Rainy Monday’s and Morning Coffee







So far, today has largely been made up of running errands, getting caught in the rain and having a morning coffee with my BFF! Despite this laid back and easy living Monday, I’m in fact waiting on a really important call that is making me a nervous wreck! but I will say no more on that matter! Tease, I know.

OOTD posts are always my favourite to read, and I vowed a light year ago that I would start posting more of them too. What I love about this outfit, even though its far from weather appropriate and is pretty bland, is that its all second hand. 50% of the items in my wardrobe have probably had a handful of previous owners, I’m always curious how others may have styled the pieces that I now have!

The houndstooth brown and caramel pencil skirt was 20p from a charity shop in my home town, mental isn’t it!? The over sized khaki vest that I blogged about here is, of course, from Beautiful Barcelona for just 1 euro, along with the cream knit (4 euro) that I literally haven’t taken off since getting it! The emerald green slippers are coming up 4 years old (in my hands, anyway!) from COW vintage for just £3. But breaking the second hand look of this outfit is the bracelet, hand decorated from Spain for just 1 euro!

If you have any charity shop posts, leave your link below!

Happy Monday x


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