Flirty Lady

I haven’t taken this dress off since I bought it! And because of that, I have far too many photos to share, but Ive managed to dwindle it down!

I recently landed my first graduate position so as a well done gift to myself I hit up topshop only to find that they had a sale on! I bought 3 dresses totally less than a quarter of the original price and this has got to be my favourite.







It’s perfect for the warm weather we’ve had lately, and surprisingly it’s really versatile. I’ve mixed it up with different shoes, bags and belts on different days for a different kind of look that way I’ve gotten away with wearing it ALL the time!

Wearing such a feminine dress really makes me rethink my wardrobe, could it be time to ditch all the Vans, Fred Perry and Levi’s ?! I’ve definitely enjoyed tottering around like a real lady; lunch, running errands and momma doing my hair “all proper to suit my dress”, it’s been a lovely few days, it’s funny what an impact a simple outfit can have on my confidence and outlook.

Have a lovely weekend, I’m heading to London for a few days! x


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