Professional Style Diary

So, this is real life?! Up at 7 and home at 6. Gone are the days of getting up at 9, lunching with friends, shopping all day and partying until the early hours, oh uni, you really are long gone! I’ve just entered my second week of my first graduate job/full time job and I’m really enjoying it!

Throughout my first week, my main concern was obviously the huge challenge that lies before me, making a good impression and settling in, however, this was closely followed by what to wear!
As its my first professional job, I wanted to look smart but I despise standard office wear and I didn’t want to lose my usual style, so in a bid to look respectable and fashionable, I put together these outfits.


All from Primarks AW12 range! can you believe it? The  navy blazer is light weight and the maroon pencil skirt with skinny belt has a stretch but has a lovely fit.




This is my favourite look from my first week. All Primark AW12 minus the H&M skinny fit suit jacket. I love the androgynous look of this outfit, but the fitted white shirt gives it a feminine edge!



I’m usually always against black trousers, even at school I hated them, but my brother convinced me that these will be a staple in work wardrobe and he was right! I opted for high waisted and teamed it with this Mango 3 coloured panel top.




This Topshop floral peplum dress has become a staple in my work and social wardrobe, everyone always says how lovely it is – and for just £20 I’m really glad I invested in this surprisingly versatile piece!

Fridays are casual and I totally forgot to snap a pic as I didn’t feel like I was heading to work! I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m doing, and I have a whole new load of items to wear this week, the work style diary may be something I’d like to do again!?

Have a lovely week!


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