About cubloveclothes

Hello all, I’m Jenny otherwise known as ‘jennycub’ on my blogs and Twitter. I set up this blog late 2011 after having tested the blogging water 2 years previous on Blogspot. I came up with the name ‘cubloveclothes’ as spin off from my Twitter name ‘jennycub’ that derived from my boyfriend saying I look like a baby lion!

So here I am on wordpress; although I found blogspot a lot easier to use I just couldnt take it seriously as a blogging platform, I filled my blog with useless, inappropriate and probably unreadable content. So I decided to create what I like to call ‘a big girl blog’ and take the whole idea in a new direction.

I am using this blog as a place to post my musings, likes and dislikes for current trends, new buys, vintage pieces as well as dabbling into the world of fashion campaigns, PR and bite size pieces on social media.

My aim isn’t to become a professional blogger so please play nicely and enjoy my posts, take inspiration and have fun with fashion.

I welcome all comments! I love to know what you guys think and who actually reads this!

Jenny X


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