My 5 blogging New Years Resolutions!

I’ve been blogging on wordpress for just under 6 months and in that time I have received some lovely feedback and a few perks along the way, so I thought its only right that I should set my blog a few targets to ensure another happy year blogging!

This is me thinking and writing up this post earlier on today in my new and gorgeous bowler hat that I aim to blog about before the week is out!

1)      Build authentic relationships:     I have managed to make a few online friends through blogging which is lovely, but it doesn’t harm anyone to have a few more! My aim for 2012 is to befriend some generous PR folk that may just have some goodies for me to review. (Of course that means doing more posts on beauty, gadgets and tangible goodies rather than clothes!)

2)      Keep a beady eye on analytics:    Many bloggers get obsessed with their views and comments etc but I can’t say that it eats me up too much, but I do like to know where my viewers come, where and why. So I’m going to start keeping an eye on your key searches and what brought you to me. That way I can cover more topics you guys want to read about.

3)      Tackle my fears:    My biggest blogger fear is DESIGN. I’m absolutely terribly with making it look pretty. I’ve even roped in my big bro once or twice, but this year I will learn how to create the blogs pretty look myself.

4)      Buy my own domain:    I’ve been saying this for a while, this year it will most definitely be put into action! It is easy, cheap and will help people remember my URL (everyone always forgets whether its blogspot, wordpress or tumblr) I really don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner!

5)      Be a little bit more direct:    I often blog about a brand, a person or a fellow blogger but I haven’t always had the confidence to follow it up with a tweet, email or general shout out there way to let them know that I’m loving what they’re doing, want to be a part of what they’re doing or why I’m thinking/hoping for any of this! This year will see a louder and more confident!  (or it shall be ;))
Do you have any new year resolutions? blog related or not – let me know!



Today has been very pink and girly, which is not me at all.

Today I wrote a full assignment in 6 hours, which is not me at all.

Oh, I also have recieved my highest amount of stars ever with this outfit today, so thanks to all that have liked it!