Welcome, lovely Autumn…

Autumn is my favourite month, fact! And I’ve welcomed it once again with open arms. I know a lot of people don’t like the dark mornings and the evenings pulling in early, but there’s something about it that I really love. It’s the mixture of crisp air, big jumpers, rain tapping my window and the free pass to eat as many pies and crumbles as humanly possible!

It’s not gotten that out of hand yet! But I have spent the first few weeks over indulging in Turkish food at Meze, Starbucks, pastries and on the odd wet lunch time, noodles! When I’ve not been lunching out, I’ve been making weight watchers fudge and pulling faces over the amount of errands that build up over the week that then manage to consume my entire weekend! Ah, it’s a hard life.







I’m making the most of this autumn with my favourite boy, Louie, we’ll be spending the evenings in front of the fire and gorging on comfort food.
Enjoy the cosy nights to come!


AW11 Dogtooth fashion

From catwalk to highstreet, dogtooth has most certainly made a comeback! Ever since Lady Gaga was papped wearing head to toe dogtooth it seems the masses have fallen back in love with the timeless bold print. Over summer I have collected a few dogtooth pieces to work alongside my winter wardrobe.

It seems the bigger, heavier and damn right OTT the garment is; the more glamorous the print looks!  After seeing Gaga I searched around in the fashion world and found some gorgeous dogtooth garments by McQueen and Prada, but what most excited me (purely because I can afford these!) were the fantastic coats Wallis have introduced. However, true to form I had to check out the second hand shops before buying ANYTHING and that is wear I found my gorgeous dog tooth jacket with faux fur collar, which is actually Wallis from the 80’s! A bit of digging around can save you £££!

Its an absolute dream, I love it and live in it! but it doesnt end there. During my manic mission to get as many dogtooth items I possibly could on a not so glam budget, I came across a pencil skirt too! Whether it be designer, highstreet or vintage everyone needs a dogtooth item in their AW wardrobe.