American Apparel

My love for America Apparel print advertising campaigns is ever growing. I’ve posted about their naughtiness in one of my first ever posts here and I’m back with a few handpicked images from their recent campaigns. The ones I’ve chosen are ones that have made me want to click the image and go shop shop shop like a crazy lady and others have made me want to look further into what the brand is currently doing/we’re they’re heading/up coming news,launches,ranges etc (and by this I basically mean looking at male models in briefs)

Provocative , shocking, envy, lust, ‘a step too far’ and disgust have all been ways in which American Apparel print advertisements have been described in the British media and I dont think they giving a flying flip.

They are unique and I love them!



Victoria Beckham crowned BFA designer of 2011.

Victoria Beckham has just been crowned British designer brand of the year! What a roller coaster few years she has had, from transforming from her Spice girl image, globe trotting with Dave and trying to find her feet in the fashion world. Well, I can now say with confidence she has firmly made an imprint on the industry.

Is anyone really surprised that she scooped this award after releasing such an elegant, womanly, silhouette perfecting SS11 range?

Not to mention keeping it fresh through Autumn this year, Victoria really did raise the bar with these vibrant colours.

I look forward to seeing more from Victoria, I think this title is exactly what she needed to and Im sure she’ll excel even further from here. Well done VB


High street fashion has seen storm in collared dresses and shirts since the catwalk craze of them in AW2010 fashion shows. Collars are undoubtedly one of the biggest trends this summer has seen and likely to stay that way for the foreseeable winter, and its understandable why. Whether it is sharp collar with a boyish charm, flouncy, frilled, sequined big or small they add a lovely edge to all outfits.

(I’m currently searching for a detachable collar like the one featured in the lower left corner of this post to wear in winter with my cashmere jumper!)

Above I have taken images from Elle, Look and Vogue magazine of some of this year’s hottest collared looks. I’ve also included a photo of my fave collared shirt; the checkered pink Fred Perry and a homemade collar I made using just a doilie and ribbon. It looks great over pastel shades throughout spring and a dark shirts in winter, easily accessorized with broaches and pins for a real royal look.