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As always, I’m trying to raise a little extra dollar to put towards summer! Thanks to one eBay session I’ve secured £100 ! that is 5 driving lessons or 3-4 hostels in Europe! (how sensible/cute am I?) so thank you! Please share this post!

Have a lovely weekend x



If you follow me on twitter you will know that I’m selling a few bits and bobs to help make ends meet, I originally wanted to do a blog sale but feared that my baby blog doesn’t have the power or readership to circulate around the bloggersphere, therefore resulting in a very tired and lonely, profitless post!

So I’ve headed over to eBay and started a new account, throughout summer I was queen eBayer but the bank account it was originally hooked up to was paid off and shut down, leaving my PayPal in a mess and my eBay at a loose end. Because I am awful at things like this, I caved and just made a new one, so please dont be put off by the 0% feedback!

As a newbie Im only allowed to sell 10 items per month, which is a little annoying as I have 24 pieces at university to shift and around another 10 at home! I’m looking to become an avid eBayer once again, so please share this post and spread the word!


Happy Wednesday x