Too much cleave for a campaign, Ryanair!

Today has been one big bag of shit; I’ve been informed of a ridiculous amount of uni work, an intimidating looming deadline and again been in contact with incompetent library staff. So in a desperate attempt to calm down and just forget about uni for one second, I ventured to the net for some light hearted blog reading or ‘window’ shopping, and I found this.

I’m going to try hard not to come across as feminist (because I’m not! No bra burning or anti-male chants for me, yet!) But this did tick me right off when already in a bad mood. When I say ‘tick me off’ I mainly just thought “where’s the naked men? :(” but in all seriousness, where are they? I know it is for a charitable cause, which is great but I was under the impression that the time I went to Egypt I was served by a male host, or the time I went to Turkey the pilot’s voice was a man’s? Or the time I went to Egypt (again!) the woman who served me was 40+ and 18 stone. So why have Ryanair chosen to do an all female calendar of women who, let’s face it, probably don’t work for Ryanair.

Yes its appealing to some, and yes I’m sure it’ll raise a decent amount of money but I don’t understand why Ryanair, an already less than desirable airline would want to take this approach, are they telling us that their primary audience and reoccurring users of their services are attracted to females? (Therefore this would almost be plausible) I highly doubt it. There’s no logical thinking behind this campaign – it banishes potential customers, it offends existing and it just isn’t appropriate for an airlines reputation.

Im cleary not alone here, this campaign has recieved over 8,000 complaints – and while Im not offended and I understand totally that it’ll raise money, Im just disappointed that they couldn’t have been a bit more creative their attempt to support charities instead of opting for the ‘lad mag-esque’ approach.

I wish the calendar all the best because there’s no denying it supports a good cause, but I also wish that Ryanair would employ a new PR team that cater to all audiences, us girls like a sexy, silver fox pilot, you know!

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Lydia Rose Bright/Japonesque

Hot off the press!

Lydia Rose Bright, star of the hit ‘drameality’ programme ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ has had quite the career boost since featuring heavily in show since the second series.

Not only has she modelled for fashion shoots, attended elite fashion events, opened her own boutique but it has recently came out that she is the new face of the high quality make up brush brand ‘Japonesque’ that is due to hit high street gaint Boots later this year.

I’d say Lydia has came quite a way after being branded ‘the beast’ by the TOWIE viewers, wouldn’t you?

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