American Apparel

My love for America Apparel print advertising campaigns is ever growing. I’ve posted about their naughtiness in one of my first ever posts here and I’m back with a few handpicked images from their recent campaigns. The ones I’ve chosen are ones that have made me want to click the image and go shop shop shop like a crazy lady and others have made me want to look further into what the brand is currently doing/we’re they’re heading/up coming news,launches,ranges etc (and by this I basically mean looking at male models in briefs)

Provocative , shocking, envy, lust, ‘a step too far’ and disgust have all been ways in which American Apparel print advertisements have been described in the British media and I dont think they giving a flying flip.

They are unique and I love them!



American Apparel AW11 Campaign

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Oh American Apparal you always charm me with your below the belt campaigns. (literally below the belt, you saucy lot!)

I love American Apparal for its blunt sexualistion of EVERYTHING. I totally understand this brand and their approach to advertising, infact Im probably a prime example of their target audience, so when the press lay into them for being too racey and risque I feel like shouting ‘Go home! they dont stock for 50 something Daily Fail journos so stop digging around for a story to sell when in fact this is a perfect example of a company that connects with and successfully targets its audience with a unique approach’ little.rant.over.

Does it offend you?

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